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February  25, 2007:
Thanks to the magic of open-source html content, VO has a new look.  Enjoy!

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ill titleWelcome... the official site of the dark fantasy MMORPG Verotica Online: The Third Fall.

In a massive, seamless world characterized by soaring architecture, grandiose landscapes, and fantastic, intelligent denizens, an ancient, decadent civilization clings to survival as an old enemy, emboldened by hatred and perceived weakness, lies poised for conquest.  Meanwhile, thousands of former slaves have united to form a burgeoning republic, a tenuous venture struggling against the triple threat of a harsh environment, vindictive former masters, and a powerful group of militaristic zealots eager for new converts.  Elsewhere, two other peoples, as disparate as the earth and sky, seek peace in unity and neutrality.  They withdraw from the world, sending roots deep into the south, but peace comes at a terrible price, as their delving awakens forces thought lost to myth.  In this world, players must choose their path, face unprecedented peril and opportunity, and forge a destiny sung through the ages...or die lost and broken, forgotten in obscurity...

ill titleFeatures

The Third Fall pushes the envelope of traditional MMORPG's in the broad scope of its gameplay options.  Set in a dark, unforgiving, original fantasy world, characters are provided unprecedented freedom.  Warring nations and a realistic, complex faction system provide meaningful PvP options, while the massive size of the game world supplies ample PvE experiences, including the equivalent of (1000) square miles of rich, seamless, dynamically-populated global terrain and dozens of dungeon and raid encounters, all of which feature both shared content and unlockable, instanced boss encounters.  And for the first time in a MMO, one of the faction starting cities, Verotica, features enough content in the form of PvP and PvE quests and environments to allow full character advancement in one location.

Third Fall utilizes a revolutionary skill-based advancement system that allows for near limitless character advancement and customization.  Third Fall, unlike most major MMORPG's, is a character-centric game, rather than an item-centric game.  That's not to say items aren't a significant part of the game, but their impact on character ability is secondary.  Skills, developed through time and experience, and grouped into evolving professions, are the primary agent for character progression.

Third Fall also incorporates a powerful, dynamic guild system based on a series of guild archetypes.  In addition to being a social and raiding vehicle, guilds and guild advancement become a significant avenue for player and group advancement with the inclusion of guild-only quests, guild specific skills and professions, guild factions, guild rankings, both for players within the guild and for the guild as a whole, and optional guild vs. guild PvP.  Guilds can control territory in the game, construct upgradeable guild housing, establish laws, set player bounties, create member-only quests, establish in-game entrance requirements, and much more.

In addition to the gameplay options described above, Third Fall revolutionizes the industry with its unique player-made content tools.  From player and guild-sponsored  quests, to customizable crafted items and spells, to unique, upgradeable player housing that actually alters the landscape of the persistent world, The Third Fall finally fulfills the promise of over a decade of MMORPG's.